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Oh, Funny 25…I can’t quit you…

HER: What the hell are you listening to? Oh, it’s that time of year… Yes, yes, it’s that time of year. I may not have the ambition to write anything serious in this blog, but by gum I have the … Continue reading

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Deliver Me

In a brief moment of driving today, I heard an NPR feature on the Blue Shadows. They were a Vancouver band fronted by Billy Cowsill of the Cowsills (the 60’s band that inspired the Partridge Family and had hits with … Continue reading

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Me want

09/09/09 – Digitally Remastered Beatles Catalogue Me want? Yes. Me gets? Me better start saving…

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A Fresh Start

Starting over again at (man, I wish they’d allow Twitter at work…and, no, I don’t have a cell phone that I want to twitter with).

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2009: Make a lotta noise!

Remember at the beginning of 2008 when I was going to record a song a week? Yeah, um, not so much. Instead, I totally futzed around in January, and then I had bronchitis for all of February and March. By … Continue reading

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Wind up your radios!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: when a jolly, white-bearded man delivers prezzies to all the weird little nerds and geeks! Yes, kids, it’s Dr. Demento bringing us his annual Funny 25, the countdown of the most requested … Continue reading

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Well, GIR, our evil plan was a success…Merry Platypus, one and all

Well, here they are. The Christmas carols I promised. I didn’t want to do the same old crap that everybody else does for songs. So, this is relatively new crap. After fiddling around with them all night and trying to … Continue reading

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I *heart* Grandpa Elliott

This awesome video from Playing for Change includes artists from around the world (many of them street performers) doing “Stand By Me”. I was blown away by it.

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In honor of Michele’s review of Cheap Trick at Budokan here’s my version of Surrender. Even better (like that’s possible), I found a video of a version of John Lennon’s “I’m Losing You” with Cheap Trick as the band. They … Continue reading

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So true. Especially the bit about Florida.

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